Tasty and healthy mineral water
only for 7 euros per month!

Yes, yes only 7 euros per month!

No loans or hidden fees! Subscription fee of only 7 euros per month or only 0.23 cents per day!

Fast and easy, without electricity!

Completely repeating the entire natural cycle of ionization and water purification, it purifies tap water, mineralizes it with useful natural alkaline minerals, calcium, potassium and zinc, and most importantly enriches it with ANTIOXIDANTS!

With a negative charge -300 ORP!

Unlike bottled water, ionized water has a negative charge - 300 millivolts!

Ionized Alkaline Water pH 9.0!

Alkaline water for only 0.07 cents per liter!

Works with any drinking water!

Works with any drinking water and reverse osmosis water.

Water ionizer AkvaLIFE SPAAQUA

ECO membranes - for 12 years

Tearing ECO membranes - 6 pieces in a set (for 12 years)

Increased protection against water

IP 54 class

Big screen

New generation large full color screen

Voice assistant

The device is equipped with a voice assistant

Service life 15 years

The device is designed for 15 years of operation

4 year warranty

Warranty for the operation of the device

Strong ECO membranes

99.00€ 49.00€
Set of 5 pieces - 10 years
Strong ECO Membrane Kit for Past AkvaLIFE Models (Series 1 and Series 2)

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