What is hydrogen water?

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Hydrogen water is tasteless and odorless drinking water saturated with hydrogen, the molecules of which are not bound to others. That is, it contains pure hydrogen (H2).

What is hydrogen water for?

According to modern scientific concepts, one of the main causes of aging and the occurrence of acute and chronic diseases is the effect on the body of reactive oxygen species, or oxidants.

A complex of adverse factors – a problematic environmental situation, toxic pollution of the air, food and drinking water, exposure to various radiation, insufficient physical activity, bad habits – all this leads to the excessive formation of oxidants in the body. The most dangerous of them are capable of damaging fats, proteins, DNA.
The state of the body in which the destructive effect of oxidants on the body exceeds its own protective antioxidant capabilities is called “oxidative stress”. Popular vitamins and antioxidants are not only ineffective, but in excess doses are simply dangerous for the body.

Scientists have found that molecular hydrogen can be used to effectively and safely eliminate oxidative stress. Research has shown that hydrogen has unique properties, thanks to which it is considered the most optimal antioxidant today. Numerous scientific papers confirm the benefits of its use as the most effective and safe antioxidant.

Why is hydrogen so efficient?

  • Due to their small size, hydrogen molecules can penetrate biological membranes and suppress dangerous free radicals even in the brain;
  • It helps to deliver useful substances to all cells of our body, normalizing its functions and metabolic processes;
  • Hydrogen selectively removes only the most dangerous oxidants without affecting beneficial free radicals involved in metabolic processes important for the body;
  • Hydrogen activates the body’s antioxidant systems;
  • Hydrogen causes a negative redox potential of the medium (ORP = -500 mV);
  • By interacting with hydroxyl radicals, hydrogen converts them into water molecules without forming any by-products or causing chain reactions. This property of hydrogen explains the absence of side effects and contraindications for the use of hydrogen therapy. Thus, hydrogen is the best and ultimate antioxidant with no side effects.

What is the effect of drinking hydrogen water regularly?

Objective observations and reviews of people drinking hydrogen water show that its regular use allows:

  • provide effective hydration of the body;
  • reduce doses and reduce the side effects of medications taken;
  • improve metabolism;
  • get rid of excess weight and obesity;
  • normalize blood pressure;
  • reduce the likelihood of a heart attack;
  • improve memory;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • get rid of chronic fatigue and stress;
  • improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails;
  • reduce allergic reactions;
  • slow down the aging process;
  • improve the quality of life.

Benefits of Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water is recommended for all people without exception – babies, old people, athletes, pregnant and lactating women. It is of particular value for those who work in hazardous industries or live in areas with poor ecology. People suffering from various chronic diseases need hydrogen water to maintain health.

The main beneficial qualities of hydrogen water:

  • protects cells from radiation;
  • removes toxic substances from the body;
  • has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects;
  • activates the body’s own defense systems;
  • increases the effectiveness of endogenous and exogenous antioxidants.

When hydrogen water is taken, the healing mechanisms of the whole organism are instantly triggered.

Sports benefits

With intense physical exertion, oxygen consumption increases, and an excess amount of oxidants is produced in the body. That is why you need to take hydrogen water, which is the best antioxidant. In addition, water is important for athletes for the following reasons, it:

  • activates fat and energy metabolism;
  • prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles;
  • eliminates inflammatory processes;
  • reduce damage to organs, tissues.

To improve the effectiveness of your workouts, you need to drink water – before, during and after exercise.
Due to its high regenerative potential (ORP = -500 mV), it serves as a natural energy drink, which is recommended by leading experts in the field of sports medicine. An important advantage of hydrogen water over other sports drinks is its safety and the absence of side effects, contraindications and any age restrictions.

Weight loss benefits

Hydrogen water stimulates energy metabolism. With a negative redox potential (ORP = –500 mV), it is a source of additional energy. Therefore, the body does not need to store energy in the form of fat.

Hydrogen water is an ideal choice for people with arterial hypertension, obesity, coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus and other metabolic disorders.
The recommendation for regular drinking of hydrogen water for patients with metabolic disorders is based on the results of numerous laboratory and clinical studies carried out in accordance with strict scientific standards.