Water ionizer AkvaLIFE SPAAQUA (V1.0)

The ionizer AkvaLIFE SPAAQUA 2.0 water purifier is a new unique device that allows daily preparation of alkaline, acid, silver water, as well as hydrogen water.

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Electrodes in AkvaLIFE SPAAQUA

Electrode ANOD

Made of titanium and coated with ruthenium and iridium oxide with a 7-year warranty.

Silver electrode

Made of 990 silver.

Electrode CATHODE

Made of medical grade stainless steel

How does a water ionizer work?

Fill in water

Remove the lid, fill with water to the maximum level, close the lid and plug into the outlet.

Choosing the right pH

Select the desired pH (we recommend for daily drinking pH=9.4), press the START button.

After ~10 minutes, the water is ready

3 liters of alkaline water in a jug with pH=9.4 (ORP = -500) and 500 ml of acidic water at pH=2.4 in a glass.

Ionizer water purifier AkvaLIFE SPAAQUA 2.0 – a new unique device that allows daily preparation of alkaline, acid, silver water, as well as hydrogen water.

The largest device in its class, allows you to simultaneously prepare 3 liters of alkaline water and 0.5 liters of acid, or 3.5 liters of silver water. Easy to manage. The device is equipped with a large color display and voice assistant. You can configure more than 300 modes of ionization and silvering. In the new AkvaLIFE SPAAQUA 2.0 model you can now additionally prepare hydrogen water! When preparing water, the ionizer displays the pH of the water simultaneously in two containers.

The device has 7 degrees of protection:

From a drop, from a power surge, from wet hands, from repeated switching on, from improper use of a glass, from low and high salinity of water. The voice assistant warns of the need to remove the plug from the outlet, the dangerous angle of the device and the need to change the position of the glasses during ionization. The electronic processor has increased protection against moisture (IP 54 class). The case is made of durable food-grade plastic that does not emit harmful substances during ionization. The negative electrode (anode) is made of platinum group metals, the positive electrode (cathode) is made of medical stainless steel. The set includes a silver electrode made of high quality pure silver. The device comes complete with special tear-resistant IVF membranes with a service life of 12 to 24 months. The first and only water ionizer that works with warm water up to 45 ° C. In just a few minutes, your home will have its own alpine source of health and longevity for the whole family.

4 year warranty!

Service life is up to 12 years!





Jug capacity3,5 liters
Cup capacity0,5 liters
Supply voltage110–230 V
AC frequency60-50 Hz
Maximum power consumption for ionization350 W
Maximum power consumption for silver plating10 W
Relative humidityUp to 80% at 25°C
Maximum initial water temperatureUp to +45°C
Degree of protectionIР 54
Country of productionLatvia



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