Neurodance PKM

A universal device with a maximum range of therapeutic functions.

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The device has a new frequency of 125 Hz and a new modulated mode “77 20”. The new frequency has a mild analgesic effect with the correction of autonomic disorders such as unstable blood pressure and dizziness.
With the help of the “77 20” mode, an anti-stress effect is easily achieved: the nervous state, anxiety and fear, depression, etc. disappear. In addition, “77 20” gives a pronounced vascular (regulates vascular tone), anti-edema and lymphatic drainage effects. The “Children’s Doctor” function has been significantly improved, which records the power of exposure from 0 to 5 units.

The device has an electronic instruction for the use of programs, which until that time was offered only in paper form. The image with the area to which the device should be placed appears on the screen when the patient selects the desired program in the Express Therapy from the menu. After the procedure on the indicated zone (the countdown of time is going on during the session), a sound signal is heard, and then the image of the next zone appears. That is, there is no need to flip through and look for the desired page – all the necessary information is provided immediately after choosing the desired program.

The 6th generation DENAS-PKM body meets all the requirements of ergonomics: special grooves for fingers on the back panel, convenient location of buttons, streamlined, slightly elongated shape of the body – all this makes the device very convenient to use.

Possibility to set one of the five suggested menu languages: Russian, English, German, French and Italian.

Indications for use are acute and chronic pain syndromes, injuries, diseases of the respiratory system, digestion, cardiovascular system, endocrine and genitourinary systems, rehabilitation after past diseases and surgical interventions, increasing the adaptive capacity of the body during intense physical and mental stress, and others.

DENAS-PCM helps to solve most health problems. It is often purchased for the whole family, since it is very convenient, easy to use, has detailed and understandable instructions, and anyone can master it.

The device is equipped with a backlit LCD display and a menu similar to a cell phone menu, with which you can select various treatment programs for first aid, as well as for course treatment. The DENAS-PCM apparatus has 11 operating modes and 24 automatic treatment programs.

The menu item “Programs” offers to choose one of 24 express therapy programs for the most common diseases and conditions. You do not have to think about what regimen is needed to treat headaches, runny nose, cough, back or joint pain, allergies, bloating, to normalize blood pressure, etc. You simply select the problem in the menu list, and DENAS-PKM automatically will set the required frequency and treatment regimen, and detailed instructions for using the device will tell you the zones of exposure.

Installed color LCD screen with polycarbonate glass – durable and completely transparent. In this case, you can choose one of four options for the display color scheme (“Night”, “Turquoise”, “Bronze” and “Winter”).

The “Frequencies” menu item assumes manual selection of the following modes:
from 1 to 9.9 Hz – infra-low frequencies for individual selection of treatment parameters that will help to cope, for example, with headaches and insomnia.
10, 20 Hz – universal modes of correction of psychoemotional state and hormonal disorders.
60, 77, 140 Hz – special modes for relieving various types of pain, edema and inflammation, rehabilitation for diseases of the joints and spine, as well as after surgery and injuries.
200 Hz – fast pain relief mode.
77AM is a mode with a pronounced tonic effect that allows you to cope with chronic fatigue syndrome, restore strength and significantly increase efficiency.
7710 is a relaxing regimen that has proven itself to be excellent for lowering blood pressure, as well as relieving insomnia and stress.

The MED program is intended for rehabilitation after physical and mental stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as for the prevention of diseases, including colds during epidemics.

The Screening program helps you choose the most optimal treatment zones.

The menu at a glance and the versatility of the device make the treatment as comfortable and effective as possible for a person of any age.

The DENAS-PKM device has a number of additional advantages, such as a battery saving mode, sound volume adjustment, a timer, and the ability to set a reminder for the next treatment session.

When using the device, it is necessary to take into account that the most pronounced therapeutic effect occurs as a result of the course exposure. Its duration is 6–8 procedures for some diseases, 8–12 procedures for others, less often 14–20 procedures.

External electrodes can be connected to the DENAS PKM device, which will make it possible to maximize the possibilities of DENS therapy and obtain a more stable and faster result. We recommend purchasing additionally: DENAS-applicator, DENAS-glasses, DENAS-Reflexo, massage electrodes.

Children’s Doctor function
DENAS devices have been successfully used in the treatment of children for a long time, therefore, back in 2015, a new function “Children’s Doctor” was introduced into the 5th generation DENAS-PCM device. This function automatically sets the optimal power range for procedures in children – from 2 to 5, since working at higher powers will cause painful sensations in the child and a negative reaction to the effect of DENAS devices.
A gradation by age appeared: from 0 to 1 year, from 1 to 3 years, from 4 to 7 years, from 7 to 12 years. Depending on the age, the stimulation time and the set of modes for “Express Therapy” are automatically changed: for each age group, certain treatment programs are offered. So, for example, in the majority of children under one year old, some diseases and pathological conditions prevail – and here the treatment programs “Bloating”, “Diarrhea”, “Constipation” will come to their aid.
In the list of programs for children from 1 to 3 years old you can find programs such as “Muscles”, “Trauma”, “Pain”, etc. In other words, by turning on the “Children’s Doctor” function and choosing the desired age group from the four presented, parents can easily find the program of interest in the list and conduct a session aimed at solving the problem.

The kit includes:
– apparatus DENAS-PKM;
– manual;
– consumer packaging;
– AA battery (2 pcs.).

Power supply: 1.5 V LR6 / AA (2 pcs.);
Weight: less than 0.35kg;
Dimensions: 165x65x65 mm.

Frequency setting capability:
in the “Screening” mode – 10 Hz;
in the “Therapy” mode – from 1 to 9.9 Hz – with a step of 0.1; 20, 60, 77, 7710, 7720, 77AM, 125, 140, 200 Hz;
in the “DER” mode – 10 Hz.

Possibility of connecting external therapeutic electrodes.

Declaration of Conformity
Registration Certificate for a medical device